Do I Need a Maintenance Plan?

Many of our customers in Hicksville, Commack, Bay Shore, Shirley, and the surrounding areas wonder if they need a maintenance plan for their heating system. There are many reasons to invest in a maintenance plan — especially one for your boiler or furnace  as fall and winter draw closer. With cold weather on the horizon, now is an excellent time to consider a maintenance plan for your heating system.

Save Money & Get Peace of Mind

Would you ever drive an uninsured car? A heating maintenance plan (also known as a service agreement) is like insurance for your heating system. It gives you peace of mind in knowing that your system will always run at top performance. With a maintenance plan, you can have an expert come and perform regular system check-ups, inspections, and perform tune-ups as needed. You can worry less about the potentially high cost of a heating system repair because a well maintained system is less likely to break down. Ultimately, a maintenance plan can help you save money.

Increase Home Comfort & Energy Savings

Peace of mind and financial savings aren’t the only benefits of a heating maintenance plan. A maintenance plan also ensures that you and your family will live more comfortably and enjoy more energy savings throughout the year. With regular heating maintenance, you can trust your system to stabilize temperatures in your home all year long. You can also trust your system to run safely, protecting you and your family from the risks associated with a malfunctioning heating unit. Finally, your heating system will continue to run efficiently, maximizing energy savings and putting even more money back into your wallet.

Save on Heating Maintenance with Green Homes Long Island

Whether you want to make your home safer and more comfortable, or you want to save money and energy with your heating systems, a maintenance plan is a smart investment for your Long Island home. Our team of experts will make sure you and your family stay warm this fall and winter. In addition to maintenance, we offer check-ups, repairs, and 24/7 emergency service.

At Green Homes Long Island, we want to ensure that your heating systems are ready for the changing seasons. This fall, get 10% off your heating replacement with a contract signed by October 10 (not applicable to service visits or service agreements.)

Want to get more from your heating system? Call (631) 328-2585 or contact today to talk to an expert about our service agreements!