Fall Is Here — Is Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather?

The leaves are changing and the air feels crisp here on Long Island. Is your home going to keep you and your family warm and comfortable as temperatures drop?

Find Out with an Energy Audit

It’s better to know which upgrades will optimize home performance, rather than making costly repairs based on assumption. A home energy audit will tell you exactly what your home needs to be comfortable and energy efficient all fall and winter. With an energy audit, you can get an in-depth look at your home’s energy usage, at where energy is being wasted, and at the most cost-effective solutions for improving energy efficiency.

Bundle Up Your Home with Insulation and Air Sealing

Many homeowners in Farmingdale, Hicksville, and other areas of Long Island assume that they need new windows to make their homes less drafty at this time of the year. New windows, however, are a more expensive solution that may or may not address the root problems in your home. Home energy audits often reveal areas of poor insulation and air leakage, so insulation installation and air sealing could be much more effective for your home. Insulation keeps heated air in and colder air out during fall and winter, while air sealing eliminates air leaks throughout the home.

Give Your Heating System a Tune-Up

The last thing you want in the dead of winter is a heater that suddenly stops working. Maintenance for your heating system will go a long way in keeping your home warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside. Early fall is the perfect time to schedule maintenance for your furnaceboiler, or mini-split. For a heating system that continues to perform at its best throughout the year, you should schedule routine maintenance through an easy and convenient service agreement.

Make Your Home Fall-Ready with Green Homes Long Island

Do you know what your home needs to be ready for fall weather? The experts at Green Homes Long Island are here to make preparing your home for fall simple. We conduct energy audits and offer affordable home upgrades to help homeowners on Long Island maximize energy savings in their homes. If you have questions about how you can upgrade your home for fall, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts.

Bundle up your home for fall with Green Homes Long Island. Contact us or call (631) 328-2585to schedule an energy audit today!