Fall is a Great Time for These Home Projects!

Although it’s not a new year or spring just yet, the fall is often a period where many people start spending more time at home and have their last surge of motivation before the winter sets in. This feeling, in addition to the great weather, make fall a perfect time to tackle some important home projects. While you might have your sights set on remodeling your kitchen or retiling the bathroom, there are a few more beneficial upgrades you might want to set your sights on first.

Start with an Energy Audit

If you’re not sure where to start and would like to know which home project will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of greater comfort and energy efficiency, you need to start with an energy audit. You might only know that your second floor was absolutely boiling over the summer or that you spent more than you’d like on your summer electricity bills due to constant air conditioning, however, it’s nearly impossible for you to tell why those problems occurred or how you can solve them.

Fortunately, a home energy audit can tell you. With a professional analysis that identifies the sources of home comfort, efficiency, and health issues, you’ll receive a prioritized list of upgrades that will offer the most noticeable benefits.

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation & Air Sealing

Any last remnants of summer are quickly fading away and the nights are already getting noticeably colder here on Long Island. If you had issues with high energy bills, discomfort, or even excess humidity over the summer, it’s likely the same kinds of problems will present themselves as soon as the temperatures drop. You might feel comfortable right now and be managing without your air conditioner or heater, but sooner rather than later, that’s going to change.

By air sealing and adding insulation, you’ll be guaranteed a cozier and more affordable winter. In addition to helping make your Farmingdale, NY area home more comfortable and energy efficient in the coming months, upgrading your insulation and air sealing will make every following summer and winter easier for decades.

Tune-Up or Replace Your HVAC System

Once your home is more comfortable and energy efficient thanks to insulation and air sealing, it’s time to address your heating and air conditioning systems. If your HVAC system is less than ten years old, it will likely only need a seasonal tune-up to keep it running effectively. However, if your furnace or boiler is outdated, it’s time for an upgrade.

A new energy efficient mini-split, furnace, or boiler will help you save money on your heating bills while making sure you stay warm. In addition, you’ll have peace of mind from potential breakdowns and even make your home more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell in the near future.

Don’t wait until your home is cold and uncomfortable — make changes now. Contact us or call (631) 328-2585 to schedule an appointment today!