Common Ways New York Homeowners Waste Water

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New York is one of the leading states in the fight against climate change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do more. One fundamental way we can improve is water consumption.

According to a study from the USGS, New York households consume around 97 gallons of water per day, putting us firmly above average when compared to other states. Before we can learn how to do better, we have to learn why we need to address this issue.

Why Reduce Water Consumption

Even though out Earth is covered in it, water is a limited resource. Less than 1% of the water on Earth is suitable for drinking. If we adopted small changes throughout every New York household, we could make a huge difference.

Water is also projected to be a more valuable resource in the future due to droughts and population growth, which means we need to make efforts now to reduce our use before economics or conflict forces us to.

Your water bill likely costs you around 60 to 70 dollars a month, which adds up to quite a bit over time. The good news is that you’ll be saving money by consuming less.

Good Habits You Can Implement

There are so many great ways to reduce your consumption. Most of the tips are about being mindful of your water use. Shortening your shower time or turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth are great habits to implement.

Additionally, be aware of your major water appliances. An old water heater can waste water through leaks. In addition, people consume water, waiting for their faucets to heat up. Both of those problems can be fixed by installing a new tankless water heater that will give you on-demand water and won’t have a large tank that is susceptible to leaks.

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Water leaking from the plastic faucet on a residential electric water heater sitting on a concrete floor.

Out of all the energy consumed in a typical New York home, 17% goes to heating water, according to the EIA. That’s quite a chunk of your monthly utility bills.

Water heaters typically lose efficiency over time and can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars of water damage if they ultimately fail and rupture. It doesn’t hurt to be educated on your water heater and save money in the long run by preventing water heater failures!

Lack of Maintenance

Water heaters, like most major appliances in your home, require regular maintenance. Water heaters typically have strict warranties that require annual flushings and inspections.

The unfortunate reality is that most homeowners don’t do this! With a void warranty, you won’t be able to replace your water heater if something out of the ordinary cuts its life short.

Even without a warranty, regular flushing can help your system. Sediment can build up in your tank and cause poor performance. Additionally, if there are enough mineral deposits, your system can produce loud noises while it runs.


Watch out for leaks and puddles around your water heater, especially around the base. Even a small pool of water can be a sign of a significant issue. If you do spot some water by your unit, dry it completely and come back in two hours. If you see a small puddle again, then it’s probably time to contact us to go and look at it.


No matter how great your water heater is, it will have to retire eventually. As they say, Father Time is undefeated. On a serious note, do you know how old your water heater is? You can find out by looking at the serial number. If it’s over a decade old, it’s probably time to start thinking about getting a new one. Don’t be afraid to start shopping around for a water heater because you could need one sooner than you think!

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Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater

Water heaters are a vital major appliance in the New York home. It’s important that you pay attention to the possible warning signs that you need a replacement.

Let us know if your water heater is:


Water heaters do not last as long as some of the other major appliances in your home. For most models, eight to twelve years is the norm, which is much less than a typical furnace or heat pump.

You can check the age of your water heater by checking the serial number. If you are experiencing any issues with your hot water and your heater is getting up there in age, it’s probably best to replace since the issues are likely to keep repeating.


A noisy unit most likely means there is a build-up of sediment within the tank. This sediment, usually calcium deposits, can harden on the bottom of the water heater and cause loud banging and creaking noises.

To avoid this you should be flushing your water heater about once a year, but many people aren’t aware of this. If the noise is loud enough that you can hear it in your home, it’s most likely in critical need of attention. If you have an older model the sediment buildup could be enough that replacement may be the only option.

Not Performing Well Anymore

Water heaters heat water. That’s all they’re designed to do right? If you have to turn the hot water knob farther every time you use it or if it just comes out cold, there’s an issue with your system. If your water heater isn’t doing its job as well as it used to, then it’s time to get a new one that will probably be more efficient anyways.


Your storage tank should do a very good job of keeping water contained in the system. If there are puddles of water underneath your tank that’s a sign of a leak that can be pretty serious. If you’re in this situation go ahead and dry any puddles and see if you can determine the cause of the leak. If you’re unable to determine the cause, but the puddles reappear a few days later. It’s most likely your water heater causing the problem. If you need to turn off your heater there will be a simple on/off switch on the unit that you can flick to ensure no further leaking until a plumber comes to check it out.

Discoloring Your Water

If you are noticing rust-colored water, it could be as a result of your water heater. If your cold water is also discolored that most likely means there is an issue with your pipes. Either way, you should consult with a plumber because rust-colored water is unsightly and dangerous.

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When you’re looking forward to a nice warm shower to soothe your aching muscles after a long day, you don’t want to step into tepid water that quickly turns cold and forces you out before you’ve even had a chance to rinse off.

If you have to time showers so everyone gets hot water or wait because the hot water ran out anyway, it’s time to think about a better way to handle water heating in your Nassau or Long Island home.

Tankless Water Heaters Deliver On-Demand

Tankless water heaters flash heat water using copper coils and condensers. When you turn on the tap, an electronic ignition is activated, setting off the heating process. As water travels through, powerful heat exchangers quickly bring it up to preset temperatures.

Imagine: hot water whenever you want it for endless showers—run the dishwasher, a load of laundry, and take a shower all at once! It’s within your reach with a tankless water heater.

There are a few other benefits to installing a new tankless water heater you should know about as well.

  • No More Waiting

It bears repeating—with a tankless water heater, every time you turn on the hot water faucet, you will get hot water. It’s as convenient as it sounds. A traditional water heater keeps a 30–50-gallon tank of water hot until you need it. Once it runs out, the tank fills again with cold water that requires time to heat. If you’ve got a family, guests, or a lot of cleaning up to do, it’s easy to use all the water in your tank.

  • Energy and Cost Efficient

Keeping 30-50 gallons of water hot day and night, whether you need it or not, takes a lot of energy. Regardless if it’s oil, gas or electricity, your traditional water heater is wasting energy when no one is home or you’re asleep and not using hot water. Tankless water heaters only require energy to heat water when it’s called for, and that means lower bills for you.

  • Environmentally Friendly

At Master Plumbing Heating Cooling, we rely on Rinnai tankless water heaters. Every part of a Rinnai heater is replaceable, so there’s less waste and it’s easy and affordable to repair, exchanging or replacing just one part rather than the whole heater. Also, with the increased energy efficiency, your heater will create fewer carbon emissions for a lower environmental impact.

  • Space Saving

Tankless water heaters are relatively small and will hang on the wall, freeing up space in your home or basement.

Ready to Go Tankless?

If you’re ready, we’re ready to help you benefit from the high-efficiency and endless hot water of a Rinnai tankless water heater. The plumbing professionals at Master Plumbing Heating Cooling will come to your home and provide you with a free estimate. We’ll remove your old water heater and install your new tankless unit, ensuring that any required plumbing or power is completed as well. And, we’ll test your new heater and properly dispose of your old heater when we leave.

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