Reduce Building Operating Costs

Commercial building owners know that financial success depends on the strength and agility of asset management, and that there are only so many levers you can pull. Until recently, energy efficiency may not have registered as a key to maximizing operating costs. But now, you can’t afford NOT to think about how to operate buildings more efficiently at a lower cost.


Energy Assessments & Analysis

  • Realtime Energy & HVAC Monitoring
  • Low & No Cost Solutions to Improve Building Performance
  • Reduce Expenses and Increase Comfort Immediately
  • Engineer Certified Reporting

The Master Mechanical Energy Assessment Process

Step 1: Benchmark energy costs

We will complete an Energy Benchmark using EPA’s ENERGY STAR® guidelines. By reviewing your energy consumption we see how efficient your building is today and estimate the energy savings that can be expected.

Step 2: Identify cost savings opportunities

We will use the latest in energy analysis technology to gain insights into how your building is performing and identify specific actions you can take to start saving energy now.

Step 3: Propose and implement retrofits

We will facilitate the implementation of energy-saving recommendations, starting with low and no-cost items first. If larger capital items can be justified, we’ll work with you to plan and execute those projects within your available budget and on a time line that makes sense for you.

Step 4: Continuous energy monitoring and diagnostics

We will monitor your building’s energy use 24 x 7, immediately alerting you if issues arise. It’s like having a full time energy manager on staff.

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