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Toilet Repair

Toilet Repairs on Long Island

Master Plumbing Heating Cooling Fixes Your Commode Problems!

Toilets are a simple and common and yet incredibly important part of our day to day life. Before the invention of the flush toilet and the sewage system, public sanitation was a tremendously difficult problem. People everywhere suffered from foul odors, exposure to dangerous bacteria, and plenty of other problems. While toilets have eliminated this problem, a broken toilet can’t do its job. Whether you want to avoid an accidental sewage leak into your home, your toilet has an obnoxious drip that’s causing damage, or your toilet needs another type of repair, Master Plumbing Heating Cooling offers comprehensive toilet solutions that get it up and working properly again.

When your toilets are giving you trouble, Master Plumbing Heating Cooling has solutions. We fix all different types of toilets, from modern commodes to older units. We know the technology inside and out, and we offer repairs that get them working correctly, safely, and reliably again. We know how important a toilet is to your day to day life—without one, relieving yourself in a way that is safe and sanitary is considerably more difficult. That’s why we hold our toilet services to a high standard, ensuring they’re fast, correct, and solve the problem the first time. We also offer services for specialized toilet fixtures, including bidets, urinals, or accessible toilets for the mobility-impaired, ensuring everyone has the ability to use the restroom easily and safely.

Don’t let a leaking, cracked, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning toilet keep you down! Get it fixed by calling Master Plumbing Heating Cooling at (631) 391-9292 today.

We Find & Solve All Types of Toilet Leaks

The most common problem with your toilet is a leak. Toilets can leak from a number of different places, particularly because they are designed to contain water in both the tank and the bowl. The tank itself can leak from the flapper, the fill mechanism, the water connection, or even a crank in the porcelain that comprises the tank. The bowl can leak down into the drain or through a crack in the porcelain, much like the tank. However, your tank may be leaking, Master Plumbing Heating Cooling will find the leak and get it fixed however we can. We can replace damaged components, or even locate and seal leaks in your toilet to prevent water from continuing to drip out at will. We’re fast, reliable, and always make sure every repair is effective and solves your problem for good.

Fill Valves, Flappers & More!

Toilets are so much more than just the immense porcelain structure that they’re composed of—there are also several key parts that allow them to operate with the flushing and self-cleaning mechanism we’ve come to depend on. These parts are usually composed of plastic, metal, rubber, or one of a number of other materials. When these parts wear out, your toilet could experience problems.

Give us a call if you experience any of the following common toilet symptoms:

  • Unexpectedly running without being flushed
  • A strange trickling noise almost constantly
  • Puddles of water around the base
  • Discolored water in the bowl or tank

Whether the problem you’re dealing with is a bad water level, a leaking seal or flapper, or even just a fill valve that doesn’t seem to close off properly, Master Plumbing Heating Cooling will help you get to the bottom of your problem and keep your bathroom running as it should be. No job is too small for our Long Island plumbers to handle or too large for us to tackle. We even offer total toilet replacements if the time has come to replace a worn-out commode!

Don’t wait! If you have a toilet problem, let Master Plumbing Heating Cooling solve it; contact us today.