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Protect your home from Covid19 and Viruses

Protect Your Home and Family From COVID-19, Germs and Viruses

COVID-19 has impacted many families and homeowners all over the country this past year. With concern for everyone’s health, we want to help add more COVID protection for you, your family, or your customers. With our high-output germicidal UVC lamps, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your HVAC system now has the ability to purify your air and keep everyone safe.

While it doesn’t fully guarantee someone won’t get infected by the virus, it makes your home one of the safest places you can be. A properly designed and installed UVC lamp, with enough microwatt intensity, will destroy airborne viruses that pass through the HVAC system.

How It Works

  • Our high-output germicidal UVC lamps kill or deactivate airborne viruses, bacteria, germs and other bioaerosols that travel through your HVAC system and recirculate throughout your home.
  • Our germicidal UVC technology is used to prevent the spread of viruses and germs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Our high-output UVC lamps also sterilize airborne viruses, bacteria and germs as they pass by lamps, rendering them harmless and incapable of reproducing.
  • Our high-output UVC lamps are 3.3 times more powerful than standard lamps and will disinfect your air 24 hours a day naturally, without adding chemicals or sprays into your environment.

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Put Your Trust In Us

We here at Master Plumbing Heating Cooling are classified as an “Essential Business” by New York State. For your convenience, our office is open and our technicians are working. As always, we are here for all your home comfort and business safety needs. Our top priority is that of our employees, clients, and community. 

These are difficult times, but we are dedicated to providing top quality service. We have numerous customer safety policies in place, as well as instituting all the recommended outsourced health agency protocols to ensure and protect our customers and team members. Contact us today to start breathing fresh air again!